Tech Nordic Advocates – Time Management

Thank you for participating in the Time Management session and for following up by visiting this page.

I have collected som resources here, where you can dive a bit deeper – or remind yourself – of what we talked about.

If you have specific topics, that you need clarified, you are most welcome to get in touch. Get an appointment by using the link to my calendar on the right.

The to do-list

The to-do list, that works, has three steps. Learn more on this video IN DANISH (sorry!).

Pomodoro Technique

Learn the widely used technique, that get things done by creating focus and minimize procrastinations. 

The Ivy Lee Method

The 100 year-old method to create big results in your work – that explains the (only) six tasks on your to do-list.

When Covid shut down the country, I was interviewed about how to work efficiently from home. 

I put together a small online course on the conten, that you can access below IN DANISH (Sorry!). 

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If you need more, I can recommend you to follow Robin Sharma (see video below for inspiration)